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General Product Details

  • Filled with a non-toxic fluid developed especially for Echo that absolutely will not fade.

  • Filling is available in two colors: red (the most common) and blue.

  • Precision made and accurate within the standard commercial tolerance of two degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Even with prolonged extremely high temperatures, the fluid will not adhere in the top of the tube.

  • Tubes are marked at 40, 70 degrees  Fahrenheit with a black positioning line.

  • Temperature readings up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit; adequate for normal indoor/outdoor applications.

  • Temperature readings for certain high temp tubes can register up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tubes with Backings

  • Complete thermometers with tubes mounted on precisely printed and die-cut scales.

  • Choice of printed scales in excellent grade of gold and silver board, poly-plastics, and metal.

  • Scale artwork is provided in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or a combination thereof; either vertical or horizontal.


Order Minimums

Some items are stocked and we can sell them at lower quantities. But if not in stock, there's a 1,000 piece minimum, which also applies to the poly and cardboard backings. 

Contact us for questions or more info.

Tubes Only

  • High quality tubes filled and ready for use in your own product.

  • Available in the following sizes: 2", 2 ½", 3", 4", 5", 6", 6 ½", 8",12" 

  • Specialty tube sizes available from 13" to 24" and can provide the wood piece that cradles the tube and attaches to the back of your existing metal scale


Custom Assembly

In addition to the standard die-cut sizes and shapes, we can provide custom design scales to meet your particular needs. Custom mounting and assembled tube products to your specifications using our designs or those supplied by the customer.

Contact us for quotations or more info.

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